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10 YEARS IN THE MAKING                                  Is Guided by Four Principles:

Client-centric, Rather Than Competitor Driven                          Passion for Constant Innovation                                             Relentless Commitment to Helping You Build Your Brand           Commitment to Helping Develop Future Generations of Talent                                                                                  

Founded by Cliffton G. Shackelford as well as  fellow            American Broadcasting School Alums…                                 Jo Hunter(RABBIT)                                                            Amy Ward(Queen Amy)                                                      Jason McMillian(J Mac)                                                        Tasha Chambers Sims(TASHA TINGLE)                                  Music Director William Carter(Billy Badd)                             House Mother/Co-Host Jackie (Jones) Shackelford(Jackie O)

The Shackelford One & The Main Event Show is a fast-paced Podcast that is geared towards the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations. We produce a weekly Podcast show that is highly engaging and informative to our audience, and keeps them coming back, World Wide, week after week. 


Our audience will listen to us, tell them, ABOUT YOU.

Our loyal, dedicated listeners tune in to PushGap every week to hear the hottest, latest and most interesting Topics concerning their Local and National News, Celebrity/Entertainment News, Interview’s, and today’s Commentary on ADOS and Social Issues but…               WITH A MORE LIGHTHEARTED, CULTURAL TWIST.                      PushGapRadios Is Their Subject Matter Expert. 

Shackelford One & The Main Event Show is Hosted by            the multi-faceted Content Creator and Podcast Impresario         Cliffton G. Shackelford BKA (Shackelford One)

                             ABOUT SHAQL4D1                              Shackelford One Was Born in Gary, Indiana                        2 Years After Michael Jackson                                            On a Sunday, On Christmas Day                                          Graduate of Gary Horace Mann H/S                                    Vice Pres. Of His c/o 1979 Reunion Committee                      Resides In Dallas (Cedar Hill), TX                                 Attended American Broadcasting School In Garland, TEXAS    Aha Moment of  PushGapRadios: 2008/Live January 2010    His Show Is Syndicated Through                                  and KYBN-Radio 98.1FM                    Married To Jackie Jones Shackelford


Consistently in the Top 10… has reached  #1 5x’s in it's category throughout 2019.

Regularly receiving thousands of monthly downloads per episode.

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